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With in-house embroidery capabilities we get our stitch on to create amazing pieces for businesses, events and teams. Embroidery is the perfect decoration technique for items that aren't well suited to screen printing. We carry many items like tracksuits and parkas that come equipped with inner embroidery pockets which allow for great, professional results.

Quality digitizing creates a quality result and we ensure that your image is prepped for stitching with care and attention to detail. If you're looking for that extra something special to make your items stand out, we offer options like 3D puff embroidery, specialty threads and custom effects.

What is the minimum quantity for an embroidery order?

Our minimum order is 12 items per design.  


How is embroidery priced?

Embroidery costs are based on the number of stitches in the design and how many articles we’re embroidering with the exact same logo (this includes thread colours). 


What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process of taking the artwork or digital picture and converting the design into stitches and creating a file that the embroidery machine can read. This charge is depends on the number of stitches and complexity of your design. An exact quote can be given after we review your design. We keep the digitized file from your order on file so if you order the exact design in the future you won’t have to pay the fee again. 


Do you make embroidered patches?

We do offer woven and embroidered patches! There is a variety of patch options like merrowed edging, iron on backing, glitter thread, glow-in-the-dark and many more. Pricing for these patches is most economical for orders starting at about 50 pieces.

Can I resize my logo from a left chest size to a full back size
(and vice versa)?

Logos can be re-sized a little bit (usually about 10%) without incurring an additional charge. Changing from a left chest embroidery size to a full back size or the opposite would an require a completely new digitization of the logo.


Can you match Pantone (PMS) colours?

While no embroiderer can possibly achieve every Pantone colour match (there are over 1000 Pantone colours and not nearly that many thread colours), we understand the system and will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the embroidery thread colours used for your logo.


How many colours can you embroider?

We can embroider logos with up to 16 colours. 


How big can my embroidered design be?

It depends on the size of the garment. For example, standard logos on hats would  be up to approximately 4.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches high. 

How small can you embroider text?

This can depend on the font used for the type but for best results, we recommend that embroidered text be a minimum of 1/2″ in height.


Do you offer personalized name & numbering options for teams?

We sure do!


Can my design be embroidered anywhere on my garment?

The desired area must be able to be hooped and still move freely in our machines. Some multi layer items like track jackets have specific inner zippered areas built in for embroidery.

Do you offer puff and special effect embroidery?

Puff embroidery is an option but it isn't suitable for every design. If you're interested in puff embroidery or another special effect stitching please contact us with your design idea or artwork files and we can let you know if it will be suitable for your order.



Embroidery is a versatile decorating
technique that offers professional results,
even for small orders.

Here are some of the garments & accessories that just love to be embroidered:

Ideal Embroidery Items

Links to our suppliers websites and catalogs can be found on our
Screen Printing page.

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