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Screen printing t-shirts is our specialty. We've been refining our techniques for over 15 years and we are dedicated to creating high quality finished products. With our extensive knowledge base of print techniques, graphic design and garment selection, all you need is an idea and we can set you up with the rest.

We offer design services that focus on creating optimized artwork for your specific print job and garment type. We stay informed of garment trends and apparel decorating innovations to ensure you end up with a product that looks great!

If you're looking to place an order we recommend that you check out the links below to our supplier sites and make note of the item numbers of the products that you're interested in. If you'd like to come in to discuss your order please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation.

Online Clothing Catalogs

Feel free to browse for items you like. Please be sure to note the item/style numbers of the ones that catch your eye to make ordering easy!

S&S Activewear

Casual wear brands like Anvil, Gildan, M&O, Bella + Canvas, Richardson, & Flexfit plus sport brands like Lacoste, New Balance, Nike Golf, and Oakley

Sanmar Canada

A wide selection of casual wear, teamwear, outerwear and accessories from ATC, Koi, Coal Harbour, OGIO, Realtree, Red Kap and New Era

Augusta Sportswear - NEW!

Features an online mockup generator for custom team gear and headwear and stocking brands like Russell, Holloway, Augusta, High Five, and CCM.


Great selection of fashion brands like Bella + Canvas, Dickies, American Apparel, Champion, Next Level, Threadfast, and Alternative Apparel

Kobe Sportswear

Canadian made jerseys and teamwear for a variety of sports

Athletic Knit

Stock, custom, or sublimated  jerseys and other  team wear for a variety of sports as well as custom, adjustable sublimated masks

Biz Collection

Specialing in jackets, coats and corporate wear

Quality Sportswear

High performance brand-name activewear for men, women, and  youth. Carrying brands like Russell, Jerzees  and King Fashions

Under Armour

Innovative activewear with cutting edge technology and style


100% Canadian made clothing with a variety of socially conscious items as well as fashionable pieces with sustainable bamboo fabric options

KNP Headwear 

Quality winter knitwear including  toques, scarves, and mittens. Also offering caps, and sustainable headwear options

AJM Headwear 

Quality winter headwear and a wide variety of caps


A wide variety of fitted and snapback caps as well as toques and visors

Canada Sportswear

Workwear, sportswear and a large selection of custom melton and leather jackets


Masks, gaiters, PPE, bandanas, beach towels, golf towels, blankets, scarves, table covers, and aprons. Most items available with full colour sublimation all-over prints



Please email us the following order details. If you'd rather stop by please contact us to setup an appointment for a consultation. 

  • Garment Style(s)
    Let us know the brand & item number of the item(s) you're interested in. You can search our supplier sites from the links above to view all of the options available.

  • Quantity of Garments
    If you have know the size & colour breakdowns that helps too
    (ie: RED 1S, 3M, 4L. BLACK 4M, 4XXL )

  • Artwork
    Vector artwork is our fave (PDF, EPS, AI), but you can definitely email over whatever artwork or inspiration sketch or web image that you have and we'll let you know if we can make it work. 

  • Printing Options/Placements
    In order to correctly quote your order we'll need to know how many colours are in the design you'd like printed as well as how many different places on the garment you'd like something printed. If you're unsure of these details we can determine these factors once we have the artwork for your project.

  • Deadline
    Please let us know if you need your order to be completed by a certain date 

frequently asked questions FAQ
Can I just get one shirt?

Our minimum order is 12 items per design.

Can I print over pockets, zippers & seams?

Screen Printing works best on a flat, smooth surface. T-shirt fabric makes a great canvas to print on, with tightly woven threads and smooth finish. When you print over a seam, pocket, zipper or any other uneven surface the variation in height makes for an inconsistent print. This results in ink buildup around the seams and a lack of ink coverage in places that the ink can’t touch the shirt. 


Why do dark coloured shirts cost more?

Depending on the artwork, the process to imprint logos on darker garments requires extra labour and supplies which results in increased costs.

Do you offer "vintage style" printing?

Adding a vintage look to your design is something that can be achieved in a couple of different ways. The first is distressing. We can add scratches, grain and wear to your design to create a more grungy look. The other option it to thin down ink the ink we print with and print only 1 "hit". For example, when printing white on black we would normally print it two times to get a bright white print (2 hits). By hitting it only one time it lets the shirt colour show through a bit and gives it a more subtle, softer vintage look.


What are your screen charges?

Each colour in a design requires its own unique screen and film. The cost per colour is $25 ($20 for the screen setup and $5 film charge). If you re-order the same design the you won’t be charged again for the the film charge. Screens are cleaned out immediately after printing, screen fees will still apply to future orders.


Can I print on a variety of garment sizes?

You can mix and match several different sizes within an order at no additional cost. Keep in mind that larger shirt sizes like XXL and above often cost more. If your size run includes small youth items as well as adult sizes your job they will all be printed with the same size of design (sized to fit the smallest item) in some cases a second set of screen is required to accommodate size variety, additional setup fees will apply.


What types of fabrics can you print on?

COTTON & COTTON BLENDS - Most t-shirts are a tightly woven cotton or cotton blend knit. This is the optimal substrate for screen printing. When choosing your garment it’s best to choose an item that has a smooth texture to ensure your prints are crisp and clear. 


BABY RIB AND 2x1 RIB - (think Fubar “beater” tank tops)  aren't the best printing surfaces. These fabrics are made to stretch when they’re worn and when they stretch the ribs of the fabric widen. This can cause ink to crack and your print durability is lessened significantly. The same applies for other items like knit beanies.


PIQUE COTTON - golf shirts also have a texture that can create problems when printing designs with fine detail. Pique cotton is best suited to decoration by embroidery.


SPANDEX - and other stretchy fabrics require stretch additive be added to our ink when printing. This can help your design stretch with the fabric when worn. This does not however guarantee it’s durability in every circumstance.


Do you print on sport & performance fabrics?

Wicking material is very popular right now. It’s a great fabric with a smooth surface but it does present it’s own set of challenges. Because these fabrics are 100% polyester there are special dyes that must be used to colour them. These dyes can cause dye migration. This is when the dye from the garment bleeds into the ink that has been printed on it. For example, printing white ink onto a red wicking sport shirt may result in the print looking a bit more pink than bright white. A variety of brands are now using special new dyes to help avoid this problem.  We recommend avoiding brands that don't advertise "dye migration blocking".


We don’t recommend printing very fine detail on items made of the following fabrics:
ribbed knit - heavy canvas - burnout tees - pique golf shirts - towels


Can I bring in my own shirts?

You can supply your own shirts but we cannot guarantee print quality on customer supplied garments and surcharges will apply. Our minimum for customer supplied garments is 24 pieces per design. If you do supply your own apparel, it must be unbagged and untagged, sorted by size and colour, and separated by design if you are running multiple jobs. Labour fees may apply if we are responsible to fulfill any of these preparation duties.


Can you print one sample before running the whole order?

Due to the labour involved in each job’s setup we cannot print just one sample. We also do not allow press checks unless it has been agreed upon and scheduled when your order is first placed. We can send you a virtual approval mockup via e-mail before production, this way you can verify your order is accurate and complete.


Where will my design be printed on my shirts?

We can print it wherever you would like, as long as it fits! Our standard print location for unisex t-shirts with a large centre chest designs is 2.5” down from the bottom of the collar of a shirt. This distance is altered a bit on ladies shirts, v-necks, tank tops etc. If you’d like different positioning please let us know and we will indicate that variation on your order mock-up.


Do you offer eco-friendly printing?

We offer a selection of eco-friendly products, including organic and bamboo garments, as well as items made from recycled materials. Eco-friendly printing is a complicated issue - beware when someone says their method is eco-friendly. For example, even water-based inks can be toxic. We offer phthalate and PVC free options but the process is still not 100% eco-friendly.


Can you design my shirt?

Yes! We staff talented graphic designers who will work with you to create your design. We include a 1/2 hour of art time with your order  (for orders over 24 pieces). This offer does not apply to any order where the customer supplies their own garments. Artwork is normally billed at $60/hr.


How big can I print my design?

Our standard print size is 12”w x 17”h. Keep in mind your design must fit both the smallest sized garment in your order. Oversize printing is available up to 18" x 24", please contact us for more information and pricing for oversize prints.


How should I submit my artwork?

Our preferred format is Vector based files. If submitting a vector file please ensure that you have created outlines on all text and embedded any images. Raster/image based files must be a minimum of 300 DPI (at print size). Upsampling an image (raising the dpi after the file has already been created) will result in a blurry print. If you would like your image halftoned please let us do that for you. There are specific halftone parameters for printing and we cannot guarantee a nice print if you do it yourself. Separation fees may apply for some halftones or full colour designs. Our preferred file types are .PSD, .TIF, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, and .JPG. Design should be sized to print. Production cannot begin until we have approved, usable artwork.


What is your turnaround time?

Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks. The turnaround time for your order begins once we have received your order approval and payment. Delay of this can result in production delays. Complex orders and hard to source garments may increase turnaround. Delay in your approval of mockups or changes to already approved design can also result in production delays. If you have a deadline for your order please make use aware of that upfront when placing your order so that we can let you know if we can accommodate it. Rush charges may apply if the requested turnaround schedule is very tight. If we are not advised of an order due date when the order is placed we may not be able to accommodate your request further along the order process. We cannot be held responsible for unforeseen circumstances like weather delays and supplier errors that may cause delays.


How big should I print my design?

Some garments are more suited to a specific size of design than others. An order that includes the same design printed on standard crew neck t-shirts as well as v-necks may not be a great choice as the design will be printed the exact same size on all of the garments and may end up on the stomach of a deep v neck t-shirt. The same goes for an order with the same design printed on a baby onesie and a men’s XL t-shirt. For orders like these we recommend you print different sizes of your design for the different items. Please be advised this will result in extra screen setup fees.


My team is looking for a sponsor, are you interested?

We do offer a variety of sponsorships to youth sports teams.


Can you create an online store so that my team/organization/group can pre-sell items for an event?

We sure can! We can create a professional web store stocked with your items. Customers can purchase and pay through our system. Orders are packed up individually so they can be easily distributed to each customer. This option definitely beats creating an excel spreadsheet or keeping track of a stack of printed order forms!


Do you offer non-profit or charity discounts?

We do offer incentives for registered non-profits & charities. Please contact us for more info.


I placed an order and I forgot to order one shirt. Can I get 1 more?

Our minimum order is 12 pieces, so we always recommend getting extras with your initial order, just in case.

Standard Plastisol Ink

This is the most common style of textile printing, colours are bright and vivid, inks are thicker and sit on top of the shirt.
Suitable for most garments.

Waterbase Screen Printing Ink

Waterbase inks penetrate deep into the fabric to leave an ultra soft no-feel surface.
Suitable for light coloured garments.

Discharge Screen Printing

Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the dye out of the shirt leaving its natural color showing through (usually a tan color).
Shirts must be washed before they take
their "no feel" state.
Suitable for 100% cotton garments only.

Foil printing is a 2 part process that involves printing the design on the gamrent, then
heat pressing the foil over top.
Available in Gold, Silver, Red and Black.
Suitable for most garments,

results will vary by fabric.

Metallic Glitter Ink

Give you print some glam with metallic
or glitter inks!
Suitable for most garments.

Thermal Vinyl Apparel Customization

For low quantity custom orders without highly detailed designs; thermal vinyl is often the best choice.


Available in a wide variety of colours this durable alternative to screen printing is a faster more economical option for small jobs. It also offers the luxury of easy personalization and variety within one order. It’s well suited to most smooth fabrics and is the go-to method for adding names and numbers to sports jerseys or uniforms with a wide variety of fonts & styles available.


All artwork supplied for thermal vinyl orders must be vector based.

Designs with high detail and distressing may not be suitable for this method of decoration.


Is a transfer the same thing
as an iron-on?

No. Let's say iron-ons are like Little League, our materials are the Majors.
Our transfers are professional grade, applied with a state-of-the-art heat press. We have a variety of transfer materials, each of which is suited to certain types of art, garment colours, etc.


Transfers have come along way from the 70s-80s iron-on look. Today’s transfers are vibrant, long-lasting, light weight, and some can even stretch as much as spandex.

A number of special effect vinyls are also available. There are options like glitter, glow-in-the-dark, gloss, flock, hologram, refelective, pebble and more. Prices for special effect vinyls vary.

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